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Step-by-Step Guide for Importing Dump File

  1. Step 1: Ensure the Dump File is Accessible

    • Path of the Dump File on the Server: /home/username/backups/dumpfile.dmp
    • Dump File Created Using: EXPDP/EXP
    • Source Tablespace Name: USERS
    • Source Schema Name: HR
    • Destination Schema Name: HR_IMPORT

    Step 2: Determine the Import Command

    If the Dump File was Created Using EXP:

    Use the IMP command:

 imp username/password@database file=/home/username/backups/dumpfile.dmp fromuser=HR touser=HR_IMPORT

       If the Dump File was Created Using EXPDP:

       Use the IMPDP command:

impdp username/password@database directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR dumpfile=dumpfile.dmp schemas=test(replace test with schema name)

Step 3: Import the Dump File

For EXP Created Dump File:

  1. Ensure the Dump File is Accessible: Verify that the dump file (dumpfile.dmp) is accessible from the location specified.

  2. Run the IMP Command: Execute the IMP command in the Oracle environment.

For EXPDP Created Dump File:

  1. Move the Dump File to the Correct Directory: Ensure the dump file (dumpfile.dmp) is located in the DATA_PUMP_DIR directory. You might need to move the file to this directory if it's not already there.

  2. Run the IMPDP Command: Execute the IMPDP command in the Oracle environment.

        imp username/password@database file=/home/username/backups/dumpfile.dmp fromuser=HR touser=HR_IMPORT

  1. Example Command Breakdown

    IMP Command:

    • imp: The Import utility.
    • username/password@database: Your Oracle database credentials.
    • file=/home/username/backups/dumpfile.dmp: The path to the dump file.
    • fromuser=HR: The source schema.
    • touser=HR_IMPORT: The destination schema.

    IMPDP Command:

    • impdp: The Data Pump Import utility.
    • username/password@database: Your Oracle database credentials.
    • directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR: The directory object where the dump file is located.
    • dumpfile=dumpfile.dmp: The name of the dump file.
    • remap_schema=HR:HR_IMPORT: Maps the source schema HR to the destination schema HR_IMPORT.

    Additional Considerations

    • Check Directory Object: Ensure that the DATA_PUMP_DIR is correctly defined and accessible. You can check this in Oracle by querying: 

                SELECT directory_name, directory_path FROM dba_directories WHERE directory_name = 'DATA_PUMP_DIR'; 

  • Verify Permissions: Ensure the user has appropriate permissions to perform the import.

By following these steps, you can successfully import the dump file into the destination schema, ensuring a smooth data migration process.


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